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On March 12 2014, the new Australian Privacy Principles came into effect. The Australian Science and Innovation Forum will make every effort to comply with these principles and welcomes any feedback on how our privacy policy could be improved.

FREEDOM TO WITHDRAW WITHOUT PENALTY: Your participation in this survey is voluntary. You may choose not to participate. If you decide to participate in this research survey, you may withdraw at any time. You may decline to answer any of the optional questions in the survey. If you decide not to participate in this survey or if you withdraw from participating at any time, you will not be penalized.

DATA COLLECTION, STORAGE AND HANDLING: Data are collected with Google Forms survey tools. Information you provide on this survey will be transferred to Google’s servers, which may be located in the United States of America, Europe, Taiwan or Singapore. By completing this survey, you agree to this transfer. We will do our best to keep your information confidential. All data collected by ASIF will be stored in a password protected electronic format. To help protect your identity, the survey will not contain questions that will personally identify you (for example no question asks about your name, contact details or place of work). In the event personal information is disclosed during the natural course of the survey (for example, you choose to identify yourself or your institution in any of your responses) all reasonable attempts will be made to remove this during data analysis. Further, you may contact ASIF (email: with any specific concerns about information you may have disclosed.

USE OF INFORMATION: The primary purpose for the collection of this information is to assist in the preparation of a submission to the Senate Inquiry into Australia’s Innovation System. Results of the survey may also be published on our website ( and may also be used to support other functions or activities of ASIF including preparation of future innovation-related policy submissions. The results of this survey may also be disclosed to third parties for the purpose of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Australia. Every reasonable effort will be made to insure that no personally identifying information is disclosed.

CONTACT: Should you have any concerns about privacy of a personal or general nature, please contact ASIF by email at The policy document may be viewed on the ASIF website

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