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ASIF Newsletter No. 1

November 2014

What a busy year for innovation in Australia! The top stories in this issue of newsletter include a guest blog from Tony Peacock, interesting feedback from our Big Innovation Survey and updates on the Federal Government Innovation policy initiatives.

In this edition….

Big Innovation Survey – Results Available Now!

The Australian Science and Innovation Forum, with the support of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, has recently completed an on-line survey to help to build a clearer picture of Australia’s innovation sector.

Responses were received from a wide range of science and technology professionals, including:

  • Researchers in academia, Government agencies, and institutes;
  • Scientists and engineers working in private industry;
  • Science and technology entrepreneurs;
  • Legal, financial and other professionals in the scientific and high-tech industry sectors;
  • Those aspiring to create a start-up company, or those who have already done so.

The survey results were used to inform ASIF’s submission to the Senate Inquiry into Australia’s Innovation System. Click on the link below to access a copy of our report.

Read ASIF’s submission to the Senate Inquiry.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to participate. The Big Innovation Survey remains open, and if you would like to add your voice, we would welcome your input.

Click here to take part in the Big Innovation Survey now!

Our vision

To foster Australia’s innovation culture; to champion science, engineering and technology start-ups; and to encourage and facilitate the development of innovative new products and services from Australian research. We particularly focus on encouraging the development and teaching of entrepreneurial skills to emerging young researchers and business people.


We are planning a diverse range of activities, including:

  • Establishing networking and information sharing opportunities amongst our members;
  • Disseminating information about innovation and entrepreneurship development opportunities;
  • Organising regional and national events for our members;
  • Advocating the teaching of start-up and entrepreneurial skills at undergraduate, PhD and postdoctoral level, across science, engineering, technical and business disciplines;
  • Advocating the development of technical and scientific literacy among people in law, finance and government;
  • Collecting data to support the preparation of position papers relating to science, engineering and technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Australia; and
  • Advocating the development of policies to foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

Supported by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.



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